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Bulk SMS

India has more than 500 Million Mobile subscribers and they are growing at the rate of 10 million new subscribers per month. Billions of SMS messages are delivered between individual consumers each month but the use of SMS as a part of business and marketing strategies is (relatively) low. SMS (text messaging) is emerged in this area and been proven as a simple, cost effective and most reachable medium for marketing and advertising. More and more organizations are realizing the benefits of SMS, and using it as a new medium for their marketing communications strategies. The reason for this increase of SMS in business usage is very obvious. SMS is extremely cost-effective and can bring high-response-rates, which can help you to acquire and retain consumers, sell and promote products, deliver loyalty, and reinforce branding efforts.

Bulk SMS:
Considering the potential of using the SMS for reaching a larger audience, it is a limitation to send SMS using mobile device. Sending SMS trough a cell phone or any mobile device is very time consuming, inconvenient and ineffective. This has arose the need of an effective solution to send SMS in bulk. To meet businesses and individuals needs for sending Bulk SMS we provide the most simple, affordable and convenient methods. You can send hundreds of SMS on a single click which gets delivered in seconds.

Using our HTTP APIs it is easy to integrate Bulk SMS features to your website or applications.

Excel Plug-In Tool:
Our Excel Plug-In is a free and instant software component which can be used to send large number of SMS on a single click from your desktop. This eliminates the cost of purchasing or developing any software for sending Bulk SMS.

Lowest Bulk SMS Pricing:
Despite the cut-throat competition and a huge number of Bulk SMS Service Providers coming up everyday, we have kept our Pricing the lowest in the industry.

Route SMS P/SMS Total Validity
Trnsactional (Open DND) 1 Lac 30 Paisa Rs.30,000 1 Year
Trnsactional (Open DND) 5 Lac 27 Paisa Rs.1,35,000 2 Year
Promotional (DND Filtered) 1 Lac 40 Paisa Rs.40,000 1 Year
Promotional (DND Filtered) 5 Lac 37 Paisa Rs.1,85,000 2 Year

Promotional Route: For any type of marketing, product & organization promotion.
Transactional Route: School, Colleges, Banks, Share Market, e-Commerce, Online Mobile Recharge.

Full featured Control Panel:
The Control Panel provided by us is a complete web application interface with all necessary features to manage Bulk Messaging.

  • Import address book
  • Manage Contacts and Groups (Phonebook)
  • Send Group SMS or Send BulkSMS
  • Schedule SMS
  • Live Delivery reports, daily log
  • Private DNC filter
  • Select Sender ID and set Priority
  • Raise support tickets
  • HTTP API Guide with sample codes
  • Readymade web application interface. No Programming required
  • Manage credit / debit of SMS with transaction report

Who can use Bulk SMS ?
Real Estate, Banks and Insurance Companies, Departmental Stores, Dealers & Distributors, Educational Institutions, Event Management, Hospitals & Healthcare, Political Parties, Stock Brockers, Tours & Travels Agencies, Airlines / Railway, Radio / TV Channels, Corporate Marketing Dept.